Could you be unknowingly breaking the law?


A woman in Liverpool has received a written warning from her local council informing her that she has been breaking the law every single day.


Mrs Maloney had unknowingly been driving her car onto her driveway by crossing the footpath.


As there is no dropped kerb outside her property, Mrs Maloney mounts the kerb to access her driveway, similarly to several other residents on her streets.


The council informed her that she could be liable for damage to the footpath, possible collisions with pedestrians and more.


The cost of installing a dropped kerb is set to be around £1,000.
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Invest in Block Paving


Block Paving for your driveway or patio can radically change the appearance of your property and add value to your home. So it is a win-win situation as far as your investment is concerned.


For more than 30 years homeowners have been choosing block paving to improve the look and practicality of their driveway.


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Tarmac or Block Paving?


Whether you have a pint-sized patch or a tree-lined lead-up, picking the right finish adds major kerb appeal to your home.


Price is obviously a big factor for choosing your driveway but so too is quality, maintenance, aesthetics and the effect on your local environment.


Tarmac is often the cheapest and most functional option but it can have drainage issues if your driveway is not best suited.


Paving stones on the other hand are the most expensive option but do withstand the test of time and traffic whilst giving you a personalised and professional front of property.


No matter what surface you choose, maintenance will be necessary to avoid moss and weeds growing over time.


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Allergy Season and Artificial Grass

In the first days of British sun this year, it can be tempting to run straight outside and breathe in the fresh air. But what about those of us with seasonal allergies?
Spring and Summer bring an array of difficulties to allergy sufferers, from tree pollen to grass, seasonal allergies can mean missing out on having fun in the sun together. If you begin to spot signs of allergies, keep a note of the time of year and the duration the symptoms last, this can help narrow down the cause of the reaction.
As many as 40% of children in the UK will suffer from hay fever and so it’s important to understand the steps you can take to manage it; checking pollen counts and the weather forecast, washing pollen out of your hair and clothes, keeping windows closed when mowing the lawn, or alternatively investing in an artificial lawn.
Artificial lawns not only provide an allergy free alternative to natural grass, they are also extremely low maintenance, safe with an underlay shock padding available for gardens with climbing equipment and mud free all year round.
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Artificial Grass in Exeter

Artificial grass is increasingly popular. The Royal Horticultural Society recently suggested that due to climate change, British summers are likely to become warmer and drier with even wetter winters, which makes artificial grass an ideal choice for families and sports clubs. To achieve the perfect lawn takes time and effort and although a perfectly tended lawn looks great it only takes some rowdy children and a few family pets to spoil your hard work. The latest artificial grass has been developed to look like ‘real’ grass and be tough and hardwearing with very little maintenance, call I dream solutions for all your Artificial Grass requirements in Exeter.


New Memorial for Royal Flying Corps
Block Paving ExeterA new memorial to the Royal Airforce’s 47 squadron original founded in 1916 as part of the Royal Flying Corps was unveiled recently at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire.


The memorial represents both past, present and future members of 47 Squadron and is a sculpture featuring four pilots by the sculptor Peter W Naylor.


The memorial has been placed on a specially prepared circular base, which has a Terrabound two tone resin bound porus surface to enhance the design.


The surface was chosen for its durability and low maintenance. Addagrip’s range of resin bound solutions are ideal for driveways and many commercial and domestic applications. If you are looking for new Block Paving in Exeter, I Dream Solutions are approved installers for Addagrip the company that supplied the surface for the memorial.


National Landscape awards
The 40 th Anniversary of the Bali National Landscape Awards will take place at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London on 2 nd December 2016. It is expected that 900 guests representing the industry will attend.


There were 127 entries which were reviewed in August by the Bali adjudication panel again chaired by Greg Allen who specialises in landscape construction, contract management and has vast plant knowledge.


Greg commented: “Over the forty years that the BALI National Landscape Awards have been running the professional attainments of BALI members have consistently reached new heights in quality and excellence year on year, and 2016 is no exception. Our BALI Awards judges travelled the length and breadth of the country this summer to visit every scheme, including, for the first time, the design entries. We have all been delighted to witness some truly outstanding projects.


Attention to detail, which sets BALI members’ work apart, was clearly evident in all the winning schemes, as was a thirst for innovation to resolve complex challenges faced by designers and contractors. The international entries this year are mostly on a huge scale and demonstrate the transformative nature of landscape design and construction when employed with vision and ambition.


The standard of workmanship achieved by all entries, whether in the domestic, commercial or public sectors, has been inspiring and with so many excellent entries again this year the task of selecting the Principal Award winners has taken hours of collective deliberation by the judging panel. That said, it is a task we all relish and feel privileged to undertake on behalf of the wider industry.


As we celebrate 40 years of the BALI Awards I would like to congratulate this year’s winners on their remarkable achievements and I, together with the many colleagues and guests attending the ceremony in December, look forward to seeing which of them will be recipients of the Principal, Special and Grand Award accolades.” If you require landscaping and artificial grass in Devon, call I dream solutions today for a free site visit.


Artificial Grass

The popularity of artificial grass continues to increase with artificial grass being the go to choice for many local authorities, sports venues and schools due to its low maintenance and long term cost effectiveness. Now Hampton Court has opened its ‘Magic Garden’ which is an innovative new play area designed by architect Robert Myers. The Garden was officially opened by the Duchess of Cambridge in May 2016. She was happy to explore the garden and play in the sandpit with some of the children and was obviously impressed by the Magic Garden.


The Garden covers an area the size of a football pitch and at its heart is a large circular area of artificial grass representing a tournament field for imaginary jousting with the obligatory towers for the King and Queen linked together by and aerial walkway. The whole area is surrounded by exciting play features based loosely on medieval times including a magnificent 25ft dragon made from concrete with smoking nostrils and eyes that light up every hour. There are large sand pits and paddling pools and many clever, innovative and exciting features to entertain the most discerning child.


The garden is designed to hold several hundred children and parents at any one time and the artificial grass will ensure it is low maintenance. It is certain to be a great attraction. For a free quotation on artificial grass in Torbay call I dream solutions on 01626 680194.



California Drought creates a boom in artificial grass lawns

California has been suffering a drought for over 4 years, the Country has lost over 12.5 million trees due to the lack of water. The State has imposed rigid restrictions on homeowners, banning them from watering their lawns more
than 3 times a week – instead of twice a day, and offering them incentives to re-landscape their gardens using native , drought resistant plants.


However, a large percentage of homeowners have taken to installing artificial grass as they want to keep the look of a well cultivated lawn and be able to use the space to play with their children and relax. This is creating a boom in the local artificial grass industry with more and more people realising that the product has improved and is now an option to be taken seriously. The product is being endorsed by more and more users even the Hollywood Bowl has recently changed to artificial grass, so for all artificial grass in Devon call us today.