Our experienced installation team can transform your muddy unusable area into a beautiful child and pet friendly environment.
Artificial Grass ExeteriDream Solutions use a 30mm pile grass which is of the highest quality and looks fantastic all year round. We can also use a shock pad underlay on child areas for climbing frames or trampolines which protects critical falls of up to 1.3m.We can also lay our artificial grass onto concrete and decking.
Our artificial grass is exceptionally hard-wearing and needs very little aftercare or maintenance once they are installed.

Artifical Grass benefits :
1. Low maintenance.

There is no doubt that cutting the grass is one of the most boring and time consuming tasks. Also in the height of summer you need to deal with it every week. Then there’s the fertilizing, the watering (if there’s no hosepipe ban!!) and if you have pets,
the cleaning! With our artificial grass most of those problems go away, no cutting, no fertilizing no watering and if you want to remove anything left over from your pet, you can quickly just wash it away.
2. Always beautiful

Our Artificial lawn always looks fantastic! Our grass is highly realistic in look and touch,
and they don’t develop brown patches where the sun has been blocked by trees or your home, or where the rain doesn’t reach. It is also great for indoor use where you have neither.
3. Safe environment

Our artificial grass is more hygienic than normal grass and it’s also much safer for children.
If you have play equipment you want to be sure that if they fall from a climbing frame or trampoline that they have as much protection as possible. Our underlay shock pad protects critical falls up to 1.3m.
4. Mud Free all year round

Every mother knows the pain of children and pets running into the house and leaving mud all over the floor because the grass is wet,
over used and has turned into a mud patch. Now the kids can play all your round mud free!
5. Very effective where natural grass isn’t an option

Such as part of a roof terrace, around a swimming pool, shopping centre’s, exhibitions or displays and pub gardens.
6. Sports

More and more sports are now turning to artificial grass because of the factors above and also because it’s strong enough to withstand rugby players, footballers, hockey sticks and tennis matches.
7. Perfect for hotel and pub areas

More and more hotels and pubs are now having artificial grass installed due to the all year round use that can be achieved. Weddings areas, beer gardens, swimming pool areas and children’s play areas.
If you would like to no anymore about our artificial grass don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to share our knowledge with you.


Supplied and installed artificial grass.
"Supplied and installed artificial grass for our kids' play area. They arrived promptly to get started. Very polite, friendly and efficient workers. Excellent quality grass used. Extremely impressed with the finished outcome and it really has a wow factor! Would definitely recommend Idream Solutions and use again."